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Holiday Traditions

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on November 19, 2016

‘Twas the night before Christmas…. Or Thanksgiving.  I know, I know.  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and here I am, posting pictures of my family cutting down our Christmas tree.  Since moving to North Carolina, we have had to start celebrating Christmas a little earlier than we used to.  We spend a good bit of December visiting family in Illinois, so we want the extra time at home, snuggled up on the couch next to our beautifully lit tree.

Growing up, my parents took my sister and I to a tree farm every year on the day after Thanksgiving.  My dad and I would wake up before the sun and brave the Black Friday crowds.  We would spend the night before strategizing and planning which items were on our most wanted list, and how we would make it to each stop before everything sold out.  My dad was always a trooper, and would go to the department stores that he most likely had no interest in going to, but I think he just enjoyed our time together, and our little tradition.  I did too.  Which explains why I would also go along with him to all of the “dad stores”.  You know which ones I’m talking about… Best Buy, Menards, Circuit City.  After we checked all of the items off of our list, we would grab a bagel and a coffee and sit and reflect on all that we had accomplished before 8am.  Then, we’d go home and enjoy our finds from the morning, and have leftover Thanksgiving turkey for lunch.

My mom worked on Black Friday most years, so we would eagerly wait until she got home to head out to the tree farm.  In Illinois, the weather is quite chilly in November, so we would bundle up, and set off on the hunt for the perfect tree.  Go big or go home was our family motto…. well, at least when we were searching for a Christmas tree.  My parent’s home has a large great room, with two big circle-top windows.  The tree would sit right in the middle of the windows, and if you couldn’t look in from outside and see the tree through both windows, it wasn’t big enough.

Cars would drive by our house and slow down (some would even stop for a few minutes) to look at the giant beauty, lit with hundreds of colorful lights.  I remember many nights where we’d be sitting on the couch, watching the cars slowly drive by, admiring our tree.  We were so proud.  When I think about it now, I laugh a little, but it really is such a special memory.  This day was something that we had looked forward to every year, and boy did we live it to the fullest.

Thanksgiving is a little different for us now that we live so far from family.  We are starting new traditions of our own, so that our boys will be able to look back and have good childhood memories filled with family, love and laughter.  We want to carry on the tradition of cutting down a fresh Christmas tree because it is something that was so special to me.  And while we are no longer doing it the day after Thanksgiving, we enjoy it all the same.  Honestly, who want’s to take a toddler and an infant out of the house on Black Friday?

Friendsgiving is a new tradition that we started last year.  We gather with several of our friends a week or so before Thanksgiving, and we enjoy good fellowship and food together.  This year, we are also looking forward to cooking a traditional Thanksgiving meal at our home.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?

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God Meets Us Where We Are

on October 30, 2016

One of my fondest teenage memories is snuggling up by the campfire with my love, day dreaming about getting married, living in our own home, having kids and growing old together.  I had always envisioned us living a few miles away from our parents in the same small town that we grew up in.  We’d get a dog, and we’d spend our weekends with family.  We’d go to the same restaurants, have the same friends, shop at the same stores, attend the same church, and celebrate the same holidays the way we always had – with family, playing games, eating good food and laughing.  I found comfort in routine and predictability. 

I’ll never forget that day.  The day that everything changed.  I felt the Holy Spirit’s presence like never before.  He was telling me to speak up.  I almost laughed at what He was telling me to say.  Never in a thousand years had I imagined such words coming out of my mouth.  It warranted action, and change.  Two things that made my heart race and threw me into a panic.  Every inch of my brain was telling me to ignore this feeling.  But instead, I listened.  And I spoke.  Continue reading

Adjusting to Life as a Family of FOUR

on October 18, 2016

Sweet Mamas,

Life looks a little different these days, and I can honestly say that my heart is SO FULL.  All of the fears and worries about becoming a mama of multiples have been put to rest.  I thought I’d dig a little deeper into those feelings and share how life has changed now that I’m a mama of two.  I hope that you find this post encouraging in whatever season of life you may be in.  I’d love to hear your stories too, so please share below!  If there’s anything I’ve learned over the last two years, it’s that it DOES take a village!  I am convinced that the need for community and oxygen go hand in hand.  We’re in this together, sweet mamas!

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on October 6, 2016

When we moved to North Carolina, we didn’t know anyone.  Combine that with the fact that the majority of our family lives 800 miles away.   So to celebrate Luca’s first birthday, we opted to save the money and enjoy a low-key day together as a family.  Fast-forward one year, and God has so richly blessed our family with more sweet friends than we can count on two hands.  That, my friends, calls for celebration!  So, we decided to throw a birthday party for our T W O year old (after convincing my SUPER SAVER husband that it would be worth the money to have all of these memories stored up in our hearts).  Considering that Luca loves all things trucks and tools, it was a no brainer to throw him a construction themed party.

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on October 1, 2016

Hi.  I’m Skye.

In the spring of 2005, an eighth grader named Chad Holmes gave me a bouquet of carnations and a card that read, “Skye, I love you.  Will you be my girlfriend?’.  Obviously with moves like that, I said yes.  I often find myself wondering what I ever did to deserve such a sweet, Godly, selfless man.  He. Melts. Me.  I am forever grateful for that day he asked me to be his girlfriend so many years ago.  In June of 2011, we said ‘I do’ at a beautiful vineyard in our home state, Illinois.  Fast forward five wonderful years and we are now living in North Carolina, and are mama and daddy to two of the sweetest little boys and our fur baby, Kona.  Life is so good.

I love Jesus.  I love that we have the Bible as God’s one true word and that He sent his son to teach us how to live our life here on Earth.  I love that His teachings are relevant some 2000 years later.  I mean, really… how amazing is that?  I cannot imagine a life without His unconditional love and grace.

I find comfort in being home.  Nothing is sweeter to me than being all curled up on the couch, reading a book with my loves.  We recently moved to North Carolina, after being born and raised in Illinois.  God has provided us with a beautiful house, and Chad and I hope that it will always be a place of fellowship; a gathering place for friends and family.  We want it to be a safe place for our kids; a place that they will want to bring their friends for many years to come.  It warms my heart to have a house full of people, sharing stories, playing games and enjoying a meal together.

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  The morning starts off with a nursing session with my littlest man, followed by lots of snuggles.  Then, we wake up our toddler, pack the car, and off to church we go!  Our church home is in Charlotte, and we love every single thing about it!  They have an incredible children’s program, and we are so thankful that our babies will be raised in this church.  Little Theo just started going in the nursery, and we cross our fingers during the service that his number doesn’t appear on the screen.  We are those parents that do a happy dance if our sweet boys make it through the entire service.  Life’s too short not to celebrate!  Then, it’s off to Smoothie King for our Sunday smoothie fix and to Trader Joe’s for coffee sampling and some good ‘ole grocery shopping.  Once we’re all spent, we head home for a relaxing afternoon together.  The boys take a nap, and the hubby and I will contemplate cleaning the house, only for a second though, because catching up on Netflix is clearly more important.  A home cooked meal and a walk make for the perfect end to the day!

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday!  I am that girl that plays Christmas music in May and puts up decorations in October.  I cannot help it.  I might have a problem.

Target is my go to shopping destination.  I am there at least three out of the seven days of the week.  I literally cannot leave that store without spending at least 50 dollars.  Whether it be diapers, groceries or home decor, it all somehow makes its way into the cart.  Thank goodness my husband loves me.

I also enjoy traveling, being active, trying new recipes, attempting DIY projects, antique shopping, decorating, pumpkin anything, wearing over-sized tops and leggings, meeting new people and enjoying time with friends and family.  I look forward to writing about these things and to doing life with all of you.  I hope this blog finds you encouraged and inspired.  I hope you’re sitting at your kitchen table, sipping a cup of coffee or tea.  I’ll be right there with you!