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on October 1, 2016

Hi all!

I am so excited to share this project with you.  I {finally} convinced my handy husband to install a pallet wall in our new home.  Initially, he was certain that it would cost an arm and a leg and a lot of time, so he kept brushing the idea off.  BUT, when I showed him my vision for Baby Two’s nursery, I could start to see his creative wheels turning.  Y’all, we got these BEAUTIES at the Metrolina Antique and Vintage Market in Charlotte, and my husband would be the first to tell you that we got a STEAL!  We bought 16 partial pallets for $30.  Their natural, rustic look was exactly what I had envisioned, so we didn’t even need to buy stain for the nursery.  In addition, we were able to borrow tools from our generous neighbors.  So, our little project ended up being even cheaper than we had initially imagined.  Less work, less money – win, win!  As you can see in the first image, these pallets were nailed together, so we (okay, mostly Chad) spent hours bending back the nails and hammering them out.  It was quite a bit of work, and beat up those manly hands of his, but I think he would agree that it was totally worth it to attain the worn look that we were going for.

Whelp, one project turned into two.  While the neighbors are letting you borrow their tools, you do it all!  Thankfully, all 16 pallets covered us for the nursery, and our bathroom accent wall.  We even had a few pieces left over.

Read below for simple step-by-step instructions.

  • To begin, you’ll need pallets.  If your pallets are still nailed together, your first step will be pulling them apart.
  • Then, you may want to sand the wood, depending on how ‘rustic’ of a look you’re going for.  Once all of the boards are sanded, you’ll need to decide how you want your wall to look.  Do you want the boards to be all one length, or do you want a variety of sizes?  We chose the latter, so my sweet husband made a bunch of cuts with a circular saw, to get the wall just how we wanted it.
  • Once you’ve made all of your cuts (or not), it’s time to prep your wall.  We used a stud finder and marked our walls with a sharpie, so that it would be easy to see as we were lining up and nailing the wood to the wall.
  • Our neighbor let us borrow his finishing nailgun (we used this one – affiliate link), which we REALLY appreciated.  It was much more efficient than nailing each board to the wall with a hammer, so if you can get your hands on one, I would totally recommend it.  Chad ended up putting the majority of the wall together by himself while I entertained Luca (he was a little TOO excited about the nailgun #hesobsessedwithtools).  I was so impressed when he did the big reveal.  I didn’t have any doubt that my hubby would do a great job, but it was so sweet to see how thoughtful and intentional he was about where he placed each piece of wood to create the look that we were going for.
  • If you decide to stain the pallets, you’ll want to do this next.  We used Olympic Maximum Stain + Sealant Semi-Transparent Walnut color.  After the stain dries completely, you are DONE!  Now it’s time to reward yourself… with a nap… and a backrub… and a hot bath.  You deserve it!

Share photos of your pallet wall in the comments below – I’d love to see them!

Love + Hugs,





  • Reply Rebekah

    Wow love how it turned out! Super cute!!

    November 11, 2016 at 8:35 am
  • Reply Summer @ Coffee With Summer

    This is gorgeous!! Would love to do this when my husband and I buy a home!

    November 11, 2016 at 10:06 am
  • Reply Paula

    This turned out beautifully! I have struggle working with pallets in the past. The wood on mine was so warped. Did you run into anything like that?

    November 12, 2016 at 7:36 pm
    • Reply Skye Holmes

      Hi Paula! Thank you! We did run into a handful of warped pallets. Thankfully, we had enough excess wood that we were able to get rid of the pieces that were really warped. Although, we were able to use a few by placing them on the wall, bowing away from the wall, and nailing them to a stud. That seemed to straighten them out pretty well. Wishing you the best of luck if you decide to give pallets another try!

      November 19, 2016 at 7:58 pm

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